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Company Overview

doublesys is a Miami-based managed healthcare company specializing in building and operating superior performing Medicare-certified health plans that are owned and governed by physicians. The unique doublesys Physician Owned Health Plan model enables physicians to monetize the value of their Medicare patients beyond just their usual reimbursement for services in two important ways: 1) giving the physicians direct participation in the profits from managing 100% of the Medicare beneficiary dollar, and 2) allowing the physicians to retain the practice equity derived from their Medicare patient base.

The doublesys Plans contract directly with the Federal Government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) for the care of the Physician Owners' eligible Medicare patients. The doublesys Plan receives a set monthly payment for each Beneficiary from CMS in exchange for providing the Beneficiary with healthcare services in accordance with an approved schedule of benefits. doublesys contributes the starting capital, risk management expertise, operations infrastructure, information systems and other health plan management resources. The Physician Owners contribute their unique provider relationships and their local medical management knowledge and expertise. doublesys and the Physician Owners partner in forming and governing the doublesys Plan.

Medicare managed care plans, like doublesys's Physician Owned Health Plans, are strongly supported by the federal and state governments, including legislators from both political parties and the Bush Administration. CMS has placed a high priority on increasing enrollment in Medicare managed care plans, including Medicare+Choice programs. The development and expansion of Medicare managed care plans under a new Medicare Advantage program is the centerpiece in the Medicare Prescription Drug, Improvement and Modernization Act of 2003. Medicare managed care plans are widely viewed as the most effective weapon in the battle to control Medicare costs.

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