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I received an unsolicited “junk fax” or "spam email" about doublesys Corporation. I am not interested in your company, and I do not want to receive any more “unauthorized” faxes or emails from you. What can I do?


We appreciate your concern and regret your inconvenience; however, doublesys Corporation did not send you the facsimile or email nor did we authorize anyone else to send it. It is doublesys Corporation's standing policy not to solicit customers, investors, or offer business of any kind via transmission of unauthorized telecommunications, including unsolicited facsimiles or emails. Like other publicly held companies whose securities are traded on the stock exchanges and in other public financial markets, doublesys cannot control the content or delivery of information that independent, unaffiliated persons or organizations may choose to publish and disseminate to the general public.

doublesys is a serious business enterprise that is publicly traded on the OTC “Pink Sheets” (see below or go to The majority of its stock is currently restricted and therefore cannot be freely traded on the OTC Pink Sheets or through other means. The board of directors of doublesys and its officers hold only restricted stock in doublesys. It is therefore their primary interest to advance doublesys's mission and carry out its business plan thereby enhancing the long term impact, success and value of the company. doublesys's management takes building shareholder value very seriously. There is no financial incentive for doublesys's management to devote corporate resources to create “spikes” in its stock price through “junk faxes,” “blast faxes,” “spam email” or other similar means.

It is doublesys's policy that doublesys's directors, officers, employees, consultants and vendors are not permitted to undertake unauthorized fax/email solicitations or to engage any third-party to undertake such solicitations. Any fax or email bearing doublesys's name in connection with its stock or other securities is neither distributed, directed, nor authorized by doublesys and should not be considered a reliable representation of the company.

doublesys Corporation is required to disclose information to the financial markets that is considered material to the financial standing of the company. This information is disclosed using press releases specifically approved by the company, released through PRNewswire or another authorized agency, and posted to the company's website at

To stop your receipt of unauthorized or unsolicited faxes or emails, you may choose to contact the sending organization's number or reply email shown on the actual document you received and request that your fax number or email address be removed. doublesys fully cooperates with regulatory agencies investigating unsolicited faxes or emails; however, we do not have the power or the ability to remove your fax number or email address from the universe of independent databases that may have been used to generate the fax or email.