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The doublesys model relies heavily on the ability of the physicians to organize, manage and govern a business enterprise. The experience with physician managed businesses, is mixed. How does doublesys plan to ensure the physicians manage the local health plan effectively?


First, physicians as a group are uniformly intelligent, well-educated and highly motivated, and own and manage practice organizations involving millions of dollars. When physicians focus on a problem, they have the ability to solve it. Physician's demanding schedules, life and death responsibilities, and challenging work requirements prevent them from devoting the time and focus often needed to succeed in nonmedical business ventures. The doublesys Health Plan model is designed to function as an extension of the physician-owner's normal practice management responsibilities. doublesys works in partnership alongside the physician-owners to ensure successful health plan results.

Second, the doublesys model gives the physician-owners the economic incentive to manage the overall healthcare of their patients and improve quality and lower cost. Physicians are motivated by financial incentives the same as other professionals. The doublesys model gives the physician-owners control over patient care and the opportunity to earn substantial financial rewards for delivering effective total patient care.