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What is doublesys's business model?


doublesys provides the capital, operations infrastructure, management expertise and other resources necessary for physicians to develop, own and successfully govern a community-based doublesys Health Plan designed to directly contract with the Federal Government's Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services for the care of eligible Medicare Beneficiaries.

doublesys provides the funds and manages the operations side of the health plan while the physician-owners are responsible for medical management, including quality of care, utilization and physician relations. All plan employees are employed by doublesys. The physician-owners and doublesys jointly own the plan.

The health plan is governed by a board consisting of physician-owners and doublesys. doublesys health plan professionals are positioned to perform critical health plan administration responsibilities and do what they do best, the physician-owners are able to manage member-patient care and still devote the vast majority of their time to their medical practices.