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Why would physicians be interested in taking an active role in the overall management of healthcare now when they have not done so in the past?


Physicians are faced with three fundamental problems in today's HMO driven environment.

  1. The physician patient relationship has been undermined by HMO/payer managed care practices.
  2. Physician practice revenues are decreasing while costs are rising, leaving physicians with rapidly shrinking net income.
  3. Physicians are building little, if any, equity in their practices since the equity for their patient base is contracted to the HMOs who in turn have the right to transfer the physician's patient base at will.

doublesys's business model puts physicians back in business by giving them competitive reimbursement for services, health plan profit participation from providing high quality, cost effective care, ownership of their patient base and practice equity plus control of the physician patient relationship. The Company dramatically improves the practicing physician's quality of work life.