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Why was doublesys Corporation formed?


doublesys (pronounced “Unified”) believes that practicing physicians must take an active leadership role in managing healthcare. Physicians can no longer afford to sit on the sidelines while managed care companies run the “system.”

The attending physician determines and authorizes all treatments, prescriptions and hospitalizations; no one else has that authority. It follows that physicians can have the most impact on both improving the quality of healthcare and in controlling the overall costs.

doublesys's business model positions and empowers physicians to manage overall patient care and cost, and unlike other models, recognizes physicians as the cost drivers in the system rather than as just another cost of the system. We believe that doublesys will provide a profitable investment return for its shareholders, investors, stakeholders, and for its participating physicians; while at the same time delivering a unique model that will help alleviate the Medicare cost crisis and the healthcare cost spiral in general.