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The doublesys Model Advantage

doublesys's model is unique among managed care organizations in a number of important ways. While there are other Medicare Plus Choice health plans operating throughout the nation, none have all of the characteristics of the doublesys model:

  • Effective Medical Management - doublesys manages care through empowering and rewarding the treating physician, the only person with the authority and opportunity to manage medical utilization, to design and govern the medical management function and to keep the quality of care high and costs low. doublesys trusts the local physician-owner to be the leader in cost management and not simply another cost of the system.
  • Meeting Capital Requirements - doublesys's capability to establish broader access to the capital markets positions it to meet the initial and ongoing capital needs of all its local health plans, and in so doing, alleviates the problem of capital surplus shortages commonly experienced by stand-alone, community-based managed care organizations.
  • Low Administration Expenses - doublesys's infrastructure is designed to support multiple, single product line health plans and achieve economies of scale for operating expenses even lower than the large, national managed care organizations. Each local plan is able to take advantage of these low cost levels, plus doublesys's local core team is positioned to provide more personalized marketing and customer services to the member-patients, the physician-owners and the local community.
  • The Solution vs. the Problem - doublesys's health plans are true community health plans that are embraced by the local physician-owners and member-patients alike and are designed around the unique needs of each community. The physician-owners and the member-patients together make the medical care decisions, not a distant HMO organization. The doublesys plan is founded on and supports the physician-patient relationship.
  • Win, Win and More Win - The physician-owners derive sustainable long-term value from a doublesys health plan because they continue to devote their time to the practice of medicine and concentrate on patient care (and their regular physician income), while doublesys professionals run the plan operations and attend to critical day-to-day administrative transactions. Through the local health plan, physician-owners enjoy higher income and build equity in their business.
  • Professional Management - doublesys has highly experienced risk management experts and skilled insurance operations professionals, who support the physician-owners and give each local plan access to the same or better quality management and professional talent that is available to competing insurers and national managed care organizations.

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